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Drumming in a circle is an accessible way for people to participate in communicating with themselves and in a group. It is not dependant on language or the written word. When people make music together, their individual rhythm quickly  finds a common  pulse. Drumming and playing   percussion instruments  encourages spontaneous  and  playful  expressions  of  the heart and allows us  to be  open minded  and playful. An experienced drummer  can find joy  in merging  with  the inexperienced  to create an ensemble. Try it and surprise yourself!

Come and share our drum circle, it will make you feel joyful and energised.

Heike’s Drum Circles Bournemouth

A drum circle is a celebration of life, community, and  music-making in the moment.  Participants sit in a circle while playing drums and hand percussion, and join  in creating  a group rhythm. The circle  is moderated by a facilitator  who guides  the group  in rhythms and  rhythm-based  activities.


The  community  drum circle  is an opportunity  to enjoy  a group activity  with friends and neighbours. It is  a family-friendly event and open to all ages. No previous musical or drumming experience is necessary.


It's all about FUN!

Drumming  has been  used for  centuries in nearly  all cultures for ritual, healing, and celebration. Drum circle participants are connected to a common purpose by sharing rhythm experiences with others.

It gives participants a sonic massage while providing a creative and emotional outlet.

Why is it so good?

·         promotes wellness
·         nurturing and social support
·         intellectual stimulation
·         self-expression
·         stress reduction
·         FUN!

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