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Venue: Gaunts House

26 June 2020 - 28 June 2020

We welcome you to join us for a Sound Medicine healing retreat weekend, with Scania and Heike This retreat is held in the beautiful setting of Gaunts House near Wimborne.


This weekend will nourish your Mind, Body and Spirit. We will play together in rhythm, relax into the sounds of gongs and drums, dance if we care to, create a memento, sing and drum by the fire and share the joy of time spent in the company of friends – new and old.


Upcoming Drum Circles and Events

May 30, 2020

Dear Rhythm Friends

All events have been cancelled since the corona virus crisis and if you follow me on my Facebook page I post little livestreams on the times I used to do my circles like Monday mornings 11.30 AM

These are times of change and I appreciate living where I do, by the sea and I keep busy writing my book and taking my dog out, working in the garden and what’supping friends and family. There is much information out there and discernment is important. I have been self-employed since 2009 and now have surrendered that my bills are not being paid, taken a mortgage holiday and can now take time and see how things are developing because little makes sense.

Please stay calm, do not take any vaccinations, wash your hands and keep your distance. We are realizing how important the support from nurses, dustmen, shop workers and others is and where things have been wrong for some time.

There is an interesting story unfolding and most of us have time to follow some dots. I love Dr Bruce Lipton and there are other wayshowers who help us not to buy into fears which is counter productive to your immune system (so is 5G ).

Be well and I hope I shall post a schedule of proper events again soon – cliff top drums usually start end May.

Meditation is good, Chi Gong is good – Tai Chi is good – advice on energy healing by Donna Eden, and the energies of the planet by Lee Harris and my friend Magenta Pixie who channels the Nine, all have information I listened to.

Heike with gratitude and appreciation for my journey


Hugs xx

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'We thought you were superb, and will definitely be booking you again'

We have  received lots of great comments from our new intake students regarding your drum circles at our University, many saying it was the highlight of their day and all saying how much they loved it.


We thought you were superb – and will definitely be booking you again for any lecture theatre/group based activities we have planned whenever we need to liven things up a bit!


Peter Matthews, Student Communications Officer

Middlesex University


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Thank you!


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